21 century is said "The century for environmental".
The name of our company AST.JAPAN CO.,LTD means Aqua and Soil and Tree.
We are aim to be a company which product developement and support manufacture system for concrete product manufacture, with having our policy as "Global Environment Protection" when we had started our business.
Behind the scene of the Japanese economy developed rapidly, there were mass production and mass consumption and mass disposal.
A result that we depended on this, it having big social problem by environmental destruction now.
The resource and energy are limited.
I think very important what we try to revive the resilience and purification power originally possessed by this earth is the most important thing to protect the environment.
For the next generation, and thinking from global environment perspective. and we focus to make a social which is environmentally symbiotic that is balanced between our life with natural environment, and we will make a big effort to be "Companies that contribute to people and the environment" with proposing make of optimal production system.
I wish we would like to contribute to environmental conservation by our products. and I wish we can make a business partnership in worldwide.

PresidentToshiaki Nakajima

Company overview

Company Name AST.JAPAN CO.,LTD

8-1-5-1 Shinkawa, Kita-ku Sapporo, Hokkaido 001-0921 Japan
Tel +81-11-768-3780 Fax +81-11-766-0405

Paid-in capital \11.5 million
Established June 1998
Executives President Toshiaki Nakajima
Director Toshiaki Sato
Director Takashi Nakajima
Director Mariko Nakajima
Our Business Product planning and development for Environment Protection.
Intermediary and mediation for technology transfer about technology of Environment Protection.
Planning, developement, sell,design, manufacture of concrete product plant (second hand included)
Consult for manufacture system of concrete product plant
Our Banks: North Pacific Bank Maruyama-koen branch,
Hokkaido Bank Shinkawa branch,
Hokkai Shinkin Bank Kotoni branch,
Asahikawa Shinkin Bank Sapporo branch,
Group company AST Engineering Co.,LTD

Company history

1998 AST.JAPAN CO.,LTD established.

Development of Greening retaining wall block(Product name : Evinuck, EPO Green).

2000 Development of the Square paver block which using rubber tip for "Town Environment Protection".
Development of Seaweed and fish bed block.
2001 Development of material and method for making water retention block.
2002 Becoming a agent of seller of "Mobal". it has use for Alga reef block which named "Biounit(Developed by Nippon Data Service Co.,Ltd.)".
Developed and start for selling the concrete product making machine "VCS"series.
2003 The water retention block technologie was selected by Kanto regional development bureau at the Environmental Paving Tokyo Project.
Office moved to current location.
Awareded "Northern Entrepreneur Prize" by Sapporo Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
2004 Launch of spreading industrial association for water retention technologies.
2005 Patent Acquisition "The water retention block and the method of making block"(Patent No. 3740559).
Launch of "industrial association for Mobal".
Utility model patent acquisition the concrete block making machine(Mold for VCS-2). (Patent No. 3112988)
Import "the zoned pumping unit to make building block" from the Intellect-Capital(RUS) and start to sell.
2006 Launch of livestock production environment industrial association.
Utility model patent acquisition the concrete block making machine VCS-3. (Patent No. 3121175)
2007 Building the making concrete product plant in Korea(After build this plant, we had built 3 plant).
2008 AST Engineering Co.,LTD established, for business expansion.
2009 Contract with the concrete product company in Korea to use "The water retention block and the method of making block".
2010 Become a board member of "Monozukuri Industry Committee" in Sapporo Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
2015 Building the making concrete product plant in Cambodia.
2017 Building the making concrete product plant in Myanmar.